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COP28 agreement on fossil fuels

COP28 agreement on fossil fuels

For the first time, all governments have formally acknowledged the world must move away from fossil fuels.

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The COP28 climate summit is taking place at the end of what is set to be the hottest year on record. Campaign with CAFOD to call for leaders to take action.

What needs to happen at COP28?

As one of the largest historic emitters of the greenhouse gases driving the climate crisis, we’re calling for the UK government to play its part by taking action on three fronts:

  1. Push for the world to consign fossil fuels to history in order to keep global temperature rises below 1.5C. Staying below this limit can only be achieved by stopping all new oil, coal and gas projects and rapidly phasing out existing production.

  2. Fund the Loss & Damage Fund with new money from grants, rather than loans which will only exacerbate the debt crisis faced by low-income countries. Governments at COP27 agreed to set up this fund to support countries suffering from the impacts of climate catastrophes.

  3. Support small-scale farmers who are growing food in ways that protect nature rather than harm it. The government must channel financial and technical support towards small-scale farmers and away from big agricultural companies that are damaging the environment.

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