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Every morning he makes me eager to hear what he is going to teach me

Isaiah 50:4

We are reaching the end of the journey of Lent, and as today’s scripture says, we are eager each morning to hear what God is going to teach us. There are some hard days ahead in the story of Holy Week, but we are hopeful of the celebration of new life in a few days’ time. How can we prepare for the sadness of Good Friday and the joy of Easter?


One way you might like to prepare is by creating or designing cards to celebrate Easter.

Use our Easter card template

If you have are collecting the money that you saved by giving something up this Lent, you are nearly there! Remember to send in your money to help our sisters and brothers around the world have enough food.

Send in your Lent fundraising money

Family activities and ideas

We have loads of great ideas for busy parents and families, including fundraising ideas and home learning resources.