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A Candlelight Fund is a special fund in memory of a loved one who has died, where all donations made in their memory are combined to create a beautifully lasting tribute to them.

Celebrate a life and give hope to thousands more.

Donate to a Candlelight Fund

We are currently in the process of moving over to a new Candlelight platform, so we have two systems running at one time. You can find the Candlelight Fund that you want to donate to based on the date it was set up. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any trouble finding the correct fund:

Wimbledon parish-2.jpg

Candles at a parish.

Set up a new Candlelight Fund

A Candlelight Fund can be a private act of remembrance – donating to mark special moments like your loved one’s birthday or anniversary – or you can invite others to join in too.


We are always looking to give you the best possible experience, and we know that Candlelight Funds are an incredibly personal and important part of remembrance. We are currently moving from our existing system to MuchLoved, but getting everything right takes some time so we want to do it slowly, and give everyone time to get used to the new system.

You can do this on MuchLoved, who we're working with to bring you our new Candlelight Funds platform.

We're so sorry you're having trouble finding the Candlelight Fund you want to donate to! Please email us at, or call 020 7095 5348 and we'll help you find the correct fund.