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Singing Christmas carols can spread festive cheer in more ways than one! Fundraise for CAFOD this year and you will be sharing hope with families around the world who need it most.

Carol Singing

This Advent, join together with your parish or community and sing some carols for CAFOD!

Whether you are carol singing in your local community or holding a carol service, here are our top tips - and you can scroll down for more ideas in our detailed guides.

A quick guide to carol singing!

Get out into your local community

The busiest places are where the most people will hear your lovely singing – and so you’ll raise the most money!

  • Outside your local shops or train station, or even in front of your church if that’s somewhere lots of people walk past.

  • Choose your time and day, and then get permissions from the landowner and your local council.

  • You may need to be flexible if it’s a popular spot!

Get ready

Once you’ve requested any permissions, make sure you can collect donations from your happy listeners!

Get singing

You need a core person or group who can carry the singing, and then recruit more to come and join in the fun!

Who can lead the carols? Find a good singer, a whole choir, or even a band.

Invite your church, friends, or local groups to come and sing. Myrrh the merrier!

Make sure you have enough carol sheets printed – you can reuse them next year too! 

... but wait, there’s myrrh!

  • Keep your singers happy and hydrated – singing is thirsty work.

  • Keep warm! Don Christmassy jumpers and woolly hats – or even Nativity-inspired fancy dress.

  • Up the festivity by laying on mince pies and hot drinks or mulled wine – the perfect finale after all your singing exertions!

Carol singing online

Family and friends living in different areas? Online platforms like zoom are a great way to share the joys of carol singing virtually

Thank you, and from everyone at CAFOD – have a very happy and blessed Christmas!