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Elizabeth Wallace and cake

Elizabeth Wallace has baked cakes for CAFOD every month for over 30 years, raising an estimated £35,000

Bake some delicious treats, and raise funds for CAFOD by holding a cake sale. 

How to organise your own online Cake Sale

1. Get lots of people involved

Get your friends and family baking! Ask people to make a variety of cakes so that there is a good selection. Buy Fairtrade and organic ingredients where possible. 

2. Set up your event

Hold your event within your household, or host it on an online platform. Zoom, Google Meet, and Houseparty are just some of the platforms that offer free group video calls where you can show off your creations and eat together. 

Set up a JustGiving page for people to donate to. 

3. Promote your event

Choose a time and date for your event, and use social media to spread the word! You could even notify the local press, or put a notice in your parish newsletter. See our top ten tips for more ideas on how to promote your event. 

4. Get baking!

Ask each of your bakers to share the recipes for their cakes online, so that people can recreate their favourites. Ask for a donation for recipes which people use.

5. Hold your event

Get together for your event. If you’re feeling competitive, run a ‘bake off’, and ask your bakers to enter a cake to be judged.  People can donate as a way of voting for the different cakes! If you're getting together online, make sure you spend plenty of time showing off the different cakes and treats that have been created. Give people plenty of time to talk about their different flavours and ingredients, and allow time for comments and questions!

If you know a particularly accomplished baker, ask them to bake a large cake and auction it off whole! (To be delivered after the lockdown if necessary!)

Want to hold other activities during your online cake sale event? How about holding a short quiz, or telling people about the work that CAFOD does overseas

6. Collect and pay in your donations

Pay in your donations through JustGiving, or via our website

Don't forget to post pictures of your event using the tag @cafod, and email to let us know what you've been up to! 

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