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Mulled wine and Mince pies

Spread some Christmas joy in your community with some festive drinks and snacks, all for a good cause of course!

Sharing mince pies and mulled wine is a great way to spread Christmas cheer and raise funds to change lives this Advent, and you can do it 'in-person' or online!

This is a great event which is lots of fun! You can hold it after a service or on its own - in the Parish Hall or at home. 

We’ve shared some of our best tips on this page to help you plan a truly festive and yummy Mince Pies and Mulled Wine event.

What to do

1. Get people involved

Invite your friends and family, this is an event for everybody. Whether you fancy making your mince pies as a baking competition, or if you want to get your own spices for the mulled wine or buy everything ready prepared, anyone can get involved. And mince pies are just the start… what about German gingerbread, stollen or tiffin or any other Christmassy food? Or even mulled apple cider! And remember non-alcoholic drinks for those who aren’t yet old enough.

2. Select a venue

Choose a venue that works well for your event and anticipated number of participants. 

3. Set a date and time

Select a good time to invite your family, friends and even your local community – don’t forget to give plenty of advance notice!

4. Set up your fundraising page

Use JustGiving to set up your fundraising page and ask people for donations. Alternatively, you can donate any money you’ve collected via the CAFOD website.

5. Promote your event

Use social media to spread the word! You could even notify the local paper or put a notice in your parish newsletter. Don’t forget to tag CAFOD on social media with the hashtag #CAFOD. Please email to let us know what you’re planning!

6. Plan ahead and ask for help

You will need to purchase ingredients and plan your baking in time for your event. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Read our Mince Pie toolkit pdf for extra guidance, tips on making your event safe and for a great mince pie recipe!

7. Eat, drink, and be merry!

While you are enjoying a Christmas natter with your food and drink, you could watch a video or listen to some music. You could sing your own carols or maybe prepare a short Christmas Quiz? It would be great if you could share the work that CAFOD does overseas during your event and ask for donations. 

Thank you, and from everyone at CAFOD – have a very happy and blessed Christmas!

How to collect donations

  1. Order a contactless payment device from CAFOD.

  2. Order CAFOD lanyards so people can simply scan the QR code.

  3. Contact your local CAFOD representative to get some collection buckets and tins. Follow our helpful advice for paying in your fundraising.