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Family soup supper

CAFOD supporters hold a soup supper for Fast Day. 

Have a simple soup lunch with CAFOD and raise vital funds for those living in poverty.

Soup recipes

Have a simple soup supper and give what you save. Enjoy our tasty soup recipes!

How can I host my own online soup lunch?

Follow our step-by-step guide to make your own event spectacular!

1. Get people involved!

Invite your friends and family who can cook (or at least are prepared to have a go!) to get involved. Buy Fairtrade and organic ingredients where possible.

2. Set a date and time

Hold your event at home, or host it online. Zoom, Google Meet, and Houseparty are just some of the platforms that offer free group video calls where you can show off your creations and eat together.

3. Set up your fundraising page

Use JustGiving to set up your fundraising page, and ask people for donations! Alternatively, you can donate the money you collect via CAFOD's website.

4. Promote your event

Use social media to spread the word! You could even notify the local paper, or put a notice in your parish newsletter.

Don't forget to tag CAFOD on social media and use the hashtag #cafod. You can also email to let us know what you've been up to!

Read our top tips for promoting your event

5. Get cooking

Ask your friends and family to make a variety of soups so that there's a good selection. Share your recipes online so that people can recreate their favourites. Ask for a donation for the recipes that people use.

6. Eat some delicious soup!

Enjoy your soup together while it's still warm!

Want to hold other activities during your online soup lunch? How about holding a short quiz, or telling people about the work that CAFOD does overseas.