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Give contactless a try!

Give contactless a try!

There are no obligations, setting up your account takes minutes, and with the Zettle app you can start taking contactless payments for CAFOD straight away!

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Over 80% of all payments in the UK are made using card so why not try using contactless alongside your cash collection basket to allow people who no longer carry cash to still support CAFOD's work providing vital, practical help to people living in poverty?

Devices are free to order below and you can have your phone set up and ready to start fundraising in minutes!

If you have any questions about using contactless for CAFOD, you can read our FAQs below or email us at

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FAQs and further help

If you have problems setting up your account or device, please read through our frequently asked questions below or email

We are here to help!

Using contactless for CAFOD

No. Zettle can function using Wi-Fi or your phone's connection to a 3G or 4G network. Using the app only uses a few kilobytes of data and the Zettle machine links to the app on your phone through Bluetooth.

No. As your Zettle account is registered under CAFOD, all donations are immediately diverted to CAFOD so it is not possible to use your Zettle account or device to raise money for any other organisation.

Yes. Whether you are collecting donations using a contactless device or by using the new 'Tap to Pay' function on your phone, supporters can use their phone instead of a bank card so long as they have Apple/Google Pay or an equivalent mobile payment service enabled on their phone.

This works exactly the same way as using a card. They simply tap their phone to your contactless device (or your phone if you're using 'Tap to Pay') and hold it there until Zettle approves the donation. This can take a few seconds.

Yes. The device works through Bluetooth, so will only work if you are nearby and enabling donations through the app.

Yes. If you have several volunteers in your parish who would like to collect contactless donations for CAFOD, then it is possible to share accounts and devices.

Every volunteer will need to have the Zettle app installed on their phone. Once they are logged in (either to an account they set up just for themselves or to one that has been set up for the parish) they can collect donations using 'Tap to Pay' on their phone or pair their phone with any CAFOD contactless device via Bluetooth.

Only one account can be paired to a device at any one time but, once a volunteer has finished collecting donations, they can close the app on their phone and the device is ready to be used by anyone else with a CAFOD Zettle account.

Although most smartphones can now support the 'Tap to Pay' option, if the 'Tap to Pay' button does not appear when you click 'charge' on the Zettle app, then you will not be able to collect donations using just your phone.

However, all smartphones can collect contactless donations using one of our CAFOD contactless devices which are free to order by filling out the form above.

Yes! If you are planning on collecting contactless donations using a Zettle card reader then please allow ten working days before the event for delivery of the device or you can collect donations using just your phone with the new 'Tap to Pay' function.

Costs and donations

There is a small transactional charge (as there usually is with any form of card payment) but because the donations come directly to CAFOD, this saves on processing costs.

The devices are all set up to come straight to our CAFOD bank account making them nice and secure.

Your unique log in details mean we can supply you with a total for your parish, so please email once you have held your collection to receive this.

As you will be aware with all bank transactions, they are completely anonymous, they do not collect personal data. We will only be able to see the date, time and the amount of the transaction.

We can’t claim Gift Aid through these devices, but alternative contactless solutions that include Gift Aid sign up aren’t truly contactless (they involve entering information on a screen).

Contactless is a great solution for members of your parish congregation that may not carry cash and could forget to donate online, so even without Gift Aid, a contactless donation from them in their parish is fantastic!

Donations received by CAFOD will show as:   IZ *CAFOD LONDON

Yes. All donations are anonymous, and come directly to CAFOD meaning that they are nice and secure.

Please visit the Zettle site for information on fraud prevention and how Zettle confirms the identity of its users.

Contact us

If you have any problems or questions about using contactless for CAFOD, please email us at