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Don't wait to help this Advent

Don't wait to help this Advent

During Advent, reflection and prayer are central to our experience as we light candles and contemplate the significance of the season. But let us not forget the thousands of families in Afghanistan struggling to survive in the midst of a harsh winter.

Don't wait—act now to help bring warmth, shelter and hope of a brighter future.

Help families before the worst of the winter sets in

Dayna is a single mother who lives with her young children in a remote, mountainous part of Afghanistan.

It can get as cold as -25C in the mountains, and heavy snowfall often leaves communities isolated and where basic necessities are scarce, so Dayna and her family usually try to stockpile enough food, fuel and warm blankets to see them through.

But recently severe drought and a major economic crisis have forced many families to eat whatever food they can get just to survive - leaving little or nothing to sell or put aside for the winter.

Families like Dayna's are on the brink - caught in a vicious cycle of poverty, hunger, and now, the impending threat of a brutal winter. She and her children cannot wait any longer for the essential supplies they need to survive the cold.

Just £30 could allow a family to buy a winter survival kit, including gas, fuel and kindling.

Your donation could help a mother like Dayna receive the essentials she needs to survive and rebuild her family's lives after disaster.

Please give today – your donation this Christmas is so vital to so many people facing the harshest conditions this winter.

Protect vulnerable women. Help empower lives.

Instability in the region has driven parents and children apart, and women and girls are amongst the most vulnerable to the desperate economic situation. Many are prevented from accessing education or earning a living.

Some are at risk of child marriage or working in unsafe environments.

CAFOD has been a lifeline to me and my family", says Dayna.

"Your support will give me the opportunity to provide the basics like food and clothing, as well as the chance for my children to receive an education."

Don’t Wait this Advent to help shine a light on their situation and help their families survive the harsh winter.

Your support is doing an amazing job at helping families like mine provide a better life for our children, but hunger and poverty still loom over many of us...


How your gift could help: