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Refugee and Conflict Fund

Refugee and Conflict Fund

Your donations will help reach vulnerable people fleeing conflict and poverty all over the world.

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Forced to leave behind jobs, personal belongings, and loved ones, vulnerable people fleeing conflict and poverty urgently need shelter, food and water.


Sudan is host to people who are looking for safety and has got at least 20 refugee camps. The local experts you support deliver clean water and sanitation in those camps. Some of these refugees have fled from neighbouring countries because of the effects of climate change, but many are fleeing fighting.

Sudan is now in deep conflict as well and families have been forced to escape the fighting in their own country. In White Nile state, where your donations are already at work providing practical help to refugees from other countries, families from the north are arriving in search of sanctuary.

Food, water and shelter will become more scarce as host communities share what they have with new arrivals, and prices of essentials will rise. People are also struggling to get money they have in the bank, because the central banks have been shut by the violence in Khartoum.

The local experts you support are already in Sudan and with your donations, they can continue to provide homeless families with practical help.

South Sudan

At Advent, we met Nyanguet, a mum of five who had courageously escaped a violent attack on her village with her family, hiding in a swamp for almost a week to keep them safe and then walking 80 miles to find sanctuary.

I bought essentials for our home like wood, gas, heaters, and blankets for my family to use. This purchase made me feel safe knowing we will be ready for the next winter.


Welcomed into a host community, your support gave Nyanguet and her children emergency food while they got back on their feet, and seeds to farm the small plot of land Nyanguet now owns.

Ukraine and neighbouring countries

The war in Ukraine has had a devastating effect on communities - those able to stay in Ukraine need practical help with the basics of food, water, warm clothes and shelter.

Thanks to your donations, our Caritas family have been able to provide this support from the beginning of the conflict:

Families who’ve escaped the violence by fleeing to neighbouring countries have had to start again with next to nothing.

In Romania, Poland and Moldova, your donations are at work in refugee accommodation centres providing hot food, hygiene kits, drinking water and showers.

As well as meeting the basic needs of families made homeless by the war, you have also helped provide counselling, legal advice and emergency cash for people who are putting their lives back together in a new country.