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Participation and empowerment of Amazonian indigenous women

Some of the women who attended the workshops during Year 1 of this project, where they acquired audio-visual skills and learnt about communicating and calling for their rights and needs as indigenous women. Credit: CAAAP

Our programmes cover a wide variety of themes that are prioritised depending on the specific regional context and the needs that are voiced by the communities.

The project Synodal route: participation and empowerment of Amazonian indigenous women in Puerto Maldonado, Pucallpa, Jaen, and Lima is an example of how our partners work hand in hand with communities to increase their reach and confidence in civic spaces.

Key facts


Puerto Maldonado, Pucallpa, Jaen, and Cantagallo, Lima, Peru


Women’s empowerment, voice and participation


Amazon Centre of Anthropology and Practical Application (CAAAP)




12 months (June 2022 – May 2023, year 2 of the project)

Why this project

Our partner, CAAAP, has been working in the Peruvian Amazon since 1974, with a strong focus on intercultural understanding, sustainable development, and peace. More recently, with CAFOD’s support, they have been building on the commitments made at the Amazon Synod by working with women from different indigenous peoples such as the Shipibo, Awajun, and Harakbut.

In this short proposal, you can get a sense of how CAAAP places the needs and expectations of indigenous women at the centre of their activities:

Download this project proposal

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