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In this update you will find out how your contributions are helping refugees in South Sudan who are fleeing conflict and people who are affected by drought in Brazil.

Thank you for your ongoing support and being part of our Emergency Response Team. Your support allows us to respond quickly during emergencies. Our local experts are providing immediate support such as food, clean water, shelter, blankets, and hygiene kits.

South Sudan

Hannah South Sudan Image

Our local partner has engaged referred Hanna to a local clinic and continues to offer her and her family support.

Displaced Families in South Sudan

The war in Sudan has forced millions of people to flee their homes, creating one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises. Over 640,000 people caught up in the conflict have had to flee the country, with many taking refuge in South Sudan.

A lot of people seeking refuge are originally from South Sudan, now displaced by conflict for a second time in their lives. Hanna is one of these people, she and her family fled Sudan in the first week of the conflict breaking out.

I was 4 months pregnant and was afraid when we fled. I started to pray to God that he could lead us to our land safely. When I came to the camp the situation was not easy, my children got measles and they got medical attention. I stayed there in the hospital with them for some time

Hanna, South Sudan

Thanks to your support Hana’s family were able to get medical support. With your regular gifts, our local experts are supporting those displaced by conflict with information on best hygiene practices, providing handwashing.

Your support has provided healthcare and water, helping people like Hanna to persevere in the harsh reality of displacement by conflict.