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Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: How you can help

7 November 2023

We have all been shocked and saddened by the devastating conflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. Our local partners are actively responding and providing urgent humanitarian aid to those in need.

Hear from Lizzie Funnel, CAFOD’s Country Programmes Representative for the Middle East, about our response to the crisis.

What is the situation in Israel and Gaza? 

There is simply no safe space in Gaza where 2.4 million people are packed into an area the size of the Isle of Wight. Over 1.4 million have been displaced. Over 16,000 houses have been completely destroyed.   

Food and water are running out. Hospitals are dangerously low on fuel to keep generators running and ambulances are carrying up to 10 patients at a time to save on fuel.   

The effects of the conflict

The conflict has resulted in almost 10,000 civilians being killed in Gaza, 1,400 in Israel, thousands more injured and over 1.5 million people displaced in Gaza.

The protection of innocent civilians must be the priority and is required by law. 

CAFOD condemns the horrific killings and kidnappings led by Hamas and the scale of the Israeli government’s violent retaliation, which is causing more civilian deaths and injuries.  

Airstrike on St Porphyrios Church hall in Gaza 

We are shocked to hear from our partner at Caritas Jerusalem that a staff member along with her child and husband were killed when the hall adjacent to the St. Porphyrios Church in Gaza was struck on 19 October. Her sister and two children were also among the casualties. 

Read CAFOD's full statement 

Destruction following airstrikes on the hall adjacent to the St Porphyrios Church in Gaza.

Destruction following airstrikes on the hall adjacent to the St Porphyrios Church in Gaza.

Sadly staff and volunteers in our partner organisations have already lost their lives and tragically news has reached us this morning that more local staff in Gaza have been killed. Your support and your prayers of solidarity for those putting their lives at risk to help during this crisis are needed now more than ever.

How is CAFOD responding?  

CAFOD has worked for many years in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) with partners who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular and we join Pope Francis’ urgent call for peace and an end to the violence.   

Our local trusted experts are already on the ground responding to the needs of the people by providing shelter, food and water and counselling to those affected by the conflict.  

Right now, people are literally trying to stay alive. It’s virtually impossible for people to leave Gaza so there’s no way for civilians to escape the current Israeli bombardment. Over 1.5 million Gazans are displaced, and the lack of food, water or shelter is having disastrous humanitarian consequences.

Elizabeth Funnell, CAFOD’s Country Programme Representative Middle East

Thanks to your support, we have sent £100,000 to our local partner, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) who are already supporting 10,000 families with cash vouchers. Families are using these to purchase essentials like food and water as well as mattresses and bedding from wholesale suppliers in Gaza.  

We have committed £50,000 to our local partner working in Khan Younis, Gaza, who are sheltering 300 people in their centres and are supporting them with cash assistance, food, water and offering counselling to those dealing with losing their loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods.  

CFTA distribution of mattresses and bedding

Our local partner in Khan Younis, Gaza, is supporting families with access to food, water, bedding and mattresses.  

Thanks to your generosity, we have also released £10,000 to our local partner Sadaka Reut, working in southern Israel with local emergency support groups providing psychological support, basic humanitarian assistance and building emotional resilience. 

CAFOD is continuously calling for an immediate ceasefire and seeks to protect civilians who have been affected by the conflict. 

Your donation today will help us reach families affected by the conflict. 

How can I respond to the conflict?

We can raise our voices and urge all sides to end the violence and abide by international law. This means protecting civilians, releasing hostages and not punishing innocent civilians by stopping food, fuel and water reaching Gaza.  

Donate to the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Appeal to support those affected and get funds to local trusted experts who have been working alongside communities helping those most in need. Your gift is supporting people with the urgent provision of food, water and emergency shelter.  

Please join us in prayer for the people of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory who have been affected by this devastating conflict. And for our local partners- working tirelessly to respond.