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Emergency Response Team: There is always hope

26 April 2022
Europe - Ukraine - Caritas Poland

A Caritas Poland volunteer helps a woman who has fled Ukraine. More than 5 million people have already had to leave the country.

You can help in times of crisis

The situations in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan have shown us that the women, men and children who are living through any crisis need help fast.

But there are many other emergency situations that don’t make the headlines – earthquakes, conflicts, cyclones, floods in communities that you won’t see on the news. When lives are at stake – no matter where they are – we are compelled to help.

We can’t wait for the cameras to catch up.

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The Emergency Response Team history

The Emergency Response Team has been responding to global emergencies for more than 50 years. The local experts and volunteers we work with reach out to remote communities, marginalised groups and people who need help whatever their circumstances.

Your donations are crucial. They help our teams to respond as soon as disasters hit – whether they’re conflict, disease, cyclones, floods or earthquakes.

A gift to the Emergency Response Team today shows families who need help that there is always hope.

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Factbox 1

Anastasia fled the bombing of Odessa with her seven-month-old daughter. She had to leave her husband in Kyiv.

“I’m very worried if we’ll see each other again. I don’t want my daughter to have to grow up without a father.”

A donation to our Emergency Response Team today will support our dedicated team to be there in those crucial moments when we have to get to survivors.