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Ukraine Appeal update: 1 year after the invasion

24 February 2023

Thank you to everyone who has fundraised and donated to the CAFOD Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Your donations are making a very real difference to people living through this conflict.

Our largest local expert organisation has been able to provide assistance to 22,000 people on daily basis

How your donations have helped

Ukraine: Provision of food assistance including hot food and food parcels at soup kitchens. Home deliveries for vulnerable individuals (elderly, those with disabilities) in hard to access areas.

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Provision of food assistance including hot food, food parcels, and vouchers at refugee accommodation centres.

Ukraine: Distribution of hygiene kits and specialised hygiene kits for individuals with special needs, provision of drinking water

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Distribution of hygiene kits and shopping vouchers; and provision of access to drinking water, showers, and laundry services at refugee accommodation centres.

Ukraine: Support services including individual counselling and group therapy at centres and through outreach teams; legal assistance for recovery of documentation and access to state services; provision of child-friendly spaces

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Provision of child friendly spaces, cultural integration and language classes, psychosocial support, legal advice on rights and obligations as refugees in host state

Ukraine: Delivery of basic family medical kits

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Delivery of health services in refugee accommodation centres; subsidising cost of medical services and medicines

Ukraine: Provision of temporary emergency shelter; support to secure long-term housing; cash grants for short-term rent; emergency reconstruction of damaged housing; provision of supplies including warm clothes, generators, lighting, and fuel

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Emergency cash support for rent, cash support for resettlement and moving costs

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Provision of tablets to support refugees continuing national education curriculum

Ukraine: Multipurpose cash assistance to vulnerable people who have been forced to flee home

Romania; Poland; Moldova: Monthly multipurpose cash assistance for refugees, subsidised transportation to access integration opportunities

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Volunteering with Father Vitaly

The fighting in Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on Kharkiv, its second largest city, forcing many people to take shelter underground. Supported by donations from people like you, Father Vitaly is working with Depaul Ukraine’s team of volunteers to deliver aid to where it’s needed most.

"The humanitarian crisis in this part of the city is huge. Everybody needs humanitarian aid. We focus on those who are not able to move because of their physical health, because of their age, because they have children.” Father Vitaly unloads and delivers supplies including canned meat, soup, fresh veg and milk, as well as cereals and special creams for babies.