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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our online Faith in Action event on 18 November 2023. If you were unable to join the event or just want to listen back to any of the discussions, please find videos from the event below.

Video 1 - What is urgently needed from the UN climate talks, COP28?

With Neil Thorns, CAFOD's Director of Advocacy and Communications.

Video 2 - Live from Bolivia: The inspiration of Laudato Si'

With Mario Gutierrez and Violeta Castro from Caritas Bolivia, and volunteers Cristian, Aracely and Bismark. Translation by Nikki Evans, CAFOD's Programme Manager for Bolivia.

Video 3 - When our Fix the Food System campaign went to Morocco

With Andrea Speranza, Campaigns Engagement Manager, and a look ahead to 2024 with Aisha Dodwell, Head of Campaigns.