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Fighting coronavirus in Rohingya refugee camps

13 July 2020
Rohingya camps, Bangladesh - coronavirus covid awareness raising

Azizul has six children and worries about them washing properly and playing outside in the crowded Rohingya camps.

Coronavirus has reached the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, meaning that thousands of families are at risk from the virus.

We are working together with Caritas Bangladesh to plan the next stage of their life-saving response.

The crowded conditions of the Rohingya camps in Cox's Bazar make preventing the spread of coronavirus very challenging.

Bangladesh Rohingya camps - view of camp

The crowded conditions of the refugee camps make social distancing almost impossible.

Caritas Bangladesh is running an awareness-raising campaign to teach people about good handwashing and how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Bangladesh Rohingya camps - coronavirus covid hygiene training

Caritas Bangladesh staff run a hygiene session at a community centre in Cox’s Bazar camp for Rohingya refugees.

Families are given accurate advice about coronavirus and learn the best handwashing techniques so they can protect their families.

Volunteers from among the Rohingya community have been recruited to help spread life-saving messages within the camps.

Bangladesh Rohingya camps - coronavirus covid handwashing mum and baby

Toyoba washes her daughter's hands in the Rohingya refugee camp, Cox's Bazar. Her husband, Monir, works with Caritas as a WASH volunteer.

Caritas Banlgadesh have provided protective equipment to their local outreach workers like Collins, who have stayed in the camps to help vulnerable families survive.

Asia - Bangladesh - COVID-19 awareness-raising in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Caritas Bangladesh staff have been sharing messages in Cox’s Bazar camp to protect Rohingya refugees from the spread of coronavirus. Photo credit: Ginea/Caritas Bangladesh

They are also setting up water points so that families can access the clean water they need to stay safe.

COVID-19 awareness-raising in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh - March 2020

A girl washes her hands with soap at a water pump in a refugee camp. 

Our planned work to protect Rohingya families from coronavirus relies on your generous support.