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2021: A year of challenges and joys

29 December 2021

In a year full of challenges, at home and around the world, you reached out with love.

Your support helped local experts from our global Church network to continue working.

You helped women, men and children living through the greatest emergencies to stay safe and healthy.

You helped families to thrive and build the lives they want.

Your kindness makes our work possible

You helped us to raise a total of £52.4m over the past year. Incredibly, £36.4m of that came from generous donations from the Catholic community in England and Wales.

Your Fast Day fundraising, emergency donations, direct debts, and the legacies of supporters like you who left a gift in love, made up over two thirds of our total income. You are truly the ones who make our work possible.

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You supported communities in some of the most difficult to reach places

You helped to support our local partners in 35 countries to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Some of them work in remote areas or are affected by conflict.

For example, in Brazil, you helped to get 160 rechargeable oxygen tanks to hospitals in hard-to-reach areas in Amazonas state.

Local experts continue to reach people who need help the most

Through our global church network, we work with local experts and organisations to ensure no one is beyond reach of the support they need to thrive.

For example, in Zambia, thanks to the funds generously raised by our supporters and aid-matched by the UK government, local church organisations have worked to improve access to water and sanitization for 9,865 households.

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You helped to end UK funding for fossil fuels overseas

With the climate crisis wreaking havoc on the most vulnerable people in the World, CAFOD supporters campaigned tirelessly for the government to stop offering billions of pounds of support for fossil fuels overseas from the aid budget.

In December 2020, the UK Government announced they would stop funding new fossil fuel projects by the end of March 2021.

And over 97,000 said you wanted to help

Even with the ongoing pandemic making every aspect of life more difficult, you continued to reach out with acts of love.

An enormous THANK YOU to you and the other 97,414 people who got involved in our work by giving or campaigning, and the countless others who joined in prayer.

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