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Why volunteering could be the best thing you do this year

18 January 2022
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CAFOD is part of one of the largest aid networks in the world. Because of our global reach and local presence, together we have the potential to reach everyone.

“The best bit is seeing my fellow volunteers weekly where we can catch up with all the news and find out what is happening locally and globally,” she said. “I also enjoy being involved with fellow volunteers in different activities in connection with Harvest or Lent – for example, participating in a local soup lunch within my parish or a sponsored walk.”

Amidst all of the abandoned New Year’s resolutions and month-long attempts at change, it is passion and a clear impact that have kept Stephanie consistent in her commitment.

“The motivation to continue volunteering is knowing that even working on a local level can be of benefit to others,” she said. “For anyone who is thinking of volunteering for CAFOD – please try it!”

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Interested in volunteering with CAFOD?

We have volunteering opportunities to suit you, whether you want to do weekend volunteering, evening volunteering, or one-off volunteering.

However you get involved, volunteering with CAFOD will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills which would be great for your CV.

  • Meet inspiring new people, including some of CAFOD's overseas partners.

  • Make new friends in your community and others across England and Wales.

  • Work alongside experts in their field.

  • Make a tremendous difference in the fight against global poverty and injustice.

Find a volunteering role to suit you

A new year often signifies a lifestyle change – whether in diet, exercise, or simply kicking a bad habit. For others, this fresh start causes them to look beyond themselves and consider how they can serve the world around them.

At the beginning of 2018, Stephanie saw an advert in her parish newsletter seeking CAFOD volunteers. She had retired from her position as a primary school administrative assistant the year prior and was open to new opportunities.

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Stephanie has been volunteering for CAFOD since 2018.

Her first CAFOD contact was Maggie, who works with volunteers in the Nottingham diocese.

“I rang Maggie and met her in the local volunteer centre to discuss how I could be useful and decided to become an office-based volunteer - where hopefully my office skills would be of benefit!” said Stephanie.

She began to volunteer in 2018 and has been coming into the office every Monday since then – with the exception of lockdown!

As she hoped, Stephanie has been able to use both her office skills and expertise in education to help CAFOD’s work.

“My work involves collaborating with and supporting other volunteers in delivering services to schools and parishes within the diocese,” she said.

Beyond the office, Stephanie is involved in children’s liturgy at her local parish. She loves helping to deliver God’s message to children in a way that resonates with them, and she is always happy to hear their positive feedback.

The CAFOD community also keeps Stephanie engaged in her work, as she loves forging connections with the other volunteers.

“The motivation to continue volunteering is knowing that even working on a local level can be of benefit to others."