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You have made a genuine difference

Happy Easter from CAFOD’s Director

Hello, I’m Christine, the director of CAFOD.

Happy Easter! As we celebrate this joyous time of rebirth, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on Lent, embrace Easter and say a huge thank you.

Over 40 days we came together to reflect, give and pray. Whether you cast blisters aside to take on the Big Lent Walk, gave a donation to help hardworking people like James the fisherman in Liberia or prayed with us, thank you for your compassion this Lent.

Now, as we celebrate Easter, join us in prayer to rejoice in the Resurrection of Christ and the hope of salvation. Whether you’re attending mass locally or spending time with your family and friends, I hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations.

As we look forward to our Year of Prayer, called by Pope Francis to deepen our relationship with God, we welcome you to pray with us, using the weekly prayer reflections available.

Once again, thank you so much for all that you do.

And may the peace and joy of the risen Christ be with you.

God bless you,

Christine Allen, CAFOD Director

Lent family calendar February 28.jpg

Easter blessings

This Easter, we’re celebrating you. You showed your compassion through your generous donations, campaigning and volunteering throughout our Lent Appeal. You have stood together with people around the world and put your faith into action.

Lent calendar 23 February

Share the joy

You can still make a difference today – it’s not too late to give to our Lent Appeal. Stand alongside people like James the fisherman who has asked for equipment to help him fish safely.