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Choose green gifts this Christmas with World Gifts

28 November 2022
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World Gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Spread joy and hope around the world.

At the other end of the price range, we have our Fight fires in the Amazon gift. For just £18 you can help pay for essential tools to enable indigenous fire brigades to manage the land they live on, preventing fires from starting or spreading.

With the climate crisis having such a massive impact of our weather, this gift is needed more than ever as the fires happen more often.

Fight fires in the Amazon

Make a real difference this Christmas 

With each gift you buy this Christmas, you will receive a beautiful gift card to pass on to your loved one. There are various delivery options available.

The ideal choice is to send an e-Card, as your money goes to those who need it the most and no trees are harmed in the giving of your gift! But even if you choose to print your gift card at home, or receive it in the post, World Gifts is the gift choice which will always be waste-free.

Live more sustainably and make a real difference with our ethical and eco-friendly gifts. 

Browse our World Gifts collection today and make shopping for your loved ones easy this year!

Check out our whole collection of green gifts

World Gifts are CAFOD's range of virtual, ethical and eco-friendly gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world.

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Why choose World Gifts this Christmas? 

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving yet it has inevitably become a time of great waste.

Vulnerable communities around the world are already living with the impacts of the climate crisis. And more than ever, we’re all trying to do our part to make sure things don’t get even worse.

World Gifts is a great way of giving waste-free and eco-friendly gifts. Each gift bought goes to help those living in poverty, so there is no fear of the gift being thrown away unused.

Each gift is represented by a gift card, avoiding any unnecessary packaging that makes even the most appreciated gift bad for our planet.

By choosing World Gifts, you can give green gifts that delight the recipient and have minimal impact on our planet.

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Go green this Christmas 

Here are some of our favourite ethical, eco-friendly, and unique World Gifts:

Build a greenhouse

Build a greenhouse

Build a greenhouse

For £54 we have a great gardener's gift. A greenhouse protects plants against unpredictable weather conditions.

Now plants can be grown all year round rather than at peak seasons. Sudden changes in weather, made more likely due to the climate crisis, don't pose a problem.

Help build a greenhouse

Clever self-watering garden

Clever self-watering garden 2

Hydroponic plant systems in Lebanon

This innovative gift for £20 can help grow fresh and nourishing vegetables as well as provide tools and training needed for families to create their own hydroponic system (a way of growing plants using water with added nutrients).

This un-beet-ably unique gift can help families living in poverty to set up their own hydroponic system and sell their produce at a market for extra income.

Buy a clever self-watering garden

Restore the rainforest

World Gifts - Restore the rainforest illustration

Restore the rainforest

At £719 this gift is extra special, and maybe something you’d prefer to fundraise towards as a group.

Many people living in the Amazon are under threat of eviction due to clearance, burning and logging. This gift can pay for the legal support needed to keep a community on their land so they can continue to protect and restore the rainforest they are living in.

Help to restore the rainforest 

Fight fires in the Amazon

Indigenous Fire fighters - Brazil

Indigenous fire brigade in Brazil

New World Gifts

We have added some wonderful new gifts to our range alongside your old favourites.

Christmas World Gifts

Buy a Christmas gift that makes a difference and help transform the lives of families living in poverty.