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Sign up for CAFOD's Big Lent Walk

17 February 2023
The Big Lent Walk

The beginning of Lent is upon us! And over 200,000 school children, parishes, individuals and families have committed to taking part in the Big Lent Walk.

Will you join them?

Fight global poverty by walking 200km over 40 days

Right now is the perfect time to sign up for CAFOD’s Big Lent Walk and challenge yourself to try something new.

CAFOD’s Big Lent Walk makes it simple to put your faith into action this Lenten season by connecting with your local and global community in a meaningful way.

For a bit of extra motivation, walking 200km is the equivalent of:

  • running across 1,953 football fields

  • climbing the Shard 645 times

  • walking up and down the Channel Tunnel 4 times.

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Join the Big Lent Walk

Challenge yourself and take on The Big Lent Walk! Walk when and where you choose over 40 days, alone or with friends.

Meet some of the people you'll be walking with

Find out why CAFOD team members have been inspired to take on the Big Lent Walk themselves this year.

Sylvester's Big Lent Walk

The Big Lent Walk is especially meaningful to Sylvester, a Community Participation Coordinator with CAFOD since 2019, because walking connects him with God and nature.

The Big Lent Walk in the DRC

CAFOD’s Democratic Republic of Congo team is kicking off the Lenten season by committing to this year’s Big Lent Walking Challenge.

The Big Lent Walk is a great opportunity for physical exercise, as well as a learning opportunity for pupils on the global climate crisis

Jeremy Barnes, headteacher at All Saints Catholic Primary School in Anfield

Why take on the Big Lent Walk?

This Lent CAFOD is supporting families with the skills and tools they’ve asked for to fight the climate crisis.

In Bangladesh, 14-year-old Dristy and her Mum Rupali are building seed beds and planting palm trees to protect their crops from flooding and cyclones.

Sign up today!

Your commitment is to walk 200km this Lenten season - just 5k per day- to raise £200 (or more!) to help families like Dristy and her Mum Rupali grow stronger in the face of the climate crisis.

Stand in solidarity with communities around the world, and walk with the thousands of individuals, families, schools, and parishes that have already dedicated themselves to the Big Lent Walk.

Your steps can make a difference – all you have to do is sign up!