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Loving God,
when our boat is rocked
on the sea of life,
by poverty, illness or disaster,
you quiet the waves,
calm the storm,
and lead us safely to shore.

When we work hard,
for our daily bread,
but at the end of the day go hungry,
you walk alongside us,
calling, "cast out your nets",
knowing there is enough for all.

When we are lost,
and uncertain of how
to make a change in our world,
your words ring out:
"Come, follow me",
guiding us to new life with you.

Lead us then, Lord, to play our part
in calming the storm
and sharing your gifts with each other,
so that all people throughout the world
may look to the future with hope.


Children's prayer

Loving God,
your Son, Jesus,
calmed the storm
that frightened the disciples.
You keep us safe too,
even when we are afraid.

Show us how to follow you, and help us
to be there for one another.
Teach us to share whatever we have fairly
so that we, and our whole global family,
may look to the future with hope.


Prayer: Catherine Gorman/CAFOD

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