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CAFOD Christmas cards and gifts

World Gifts allow you to do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home, find beautiful gifts, and help the world’s most hard-to-reach communities in the process.

Make this Christmas a happier one for child refugees, providing them with a creative outlet and a space to deal with traumatic experiences by choosing to buy Therapy through play (£20) gift. 

As we celebrate the birth of a very special baby, help ensure that babies all around the world are given the best start in life with our Healthy mum and baby gift (£40).

Be inspired by the nativity scene and our quirky animal gifts. Our ever popular Goat that gives (£28) and the Marvellous moo cow (£150) and Chirpy chickens (£20) make perfect alternative Christmas presents.

Nativity Artwork.jpg

CAFOD Christmas presents and cards from World Gifts

These special gifts will delight your friends and family, and are also a great way of rediscovering what it really means to share the love, peace and joy of Christmas giving. Each charity gift you buy will make a real difference to communities living in developing countries.

CAFOD Christmas cards

When you buy a virtual World Gift, your loved one gets a beautiful card and someone living in poverty gets an opportunity to build a better life.

You can use these to donate to charity while sending out all your eco-friendly Christmas e-cards. 

If you're sending physical cards, you can add an extra special touch. You can show your card recipient that you have also given a meal to someone with our Meal for a family stickers or vital soap to keep someone safe from infection with our Soap to keep safe stickers.