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Small businesses are the main source of employment in most countries. And as economic entities, the largest international businesses dwarf many countries.

Businesses can play can huge part in tackling poverty. They create jobs, pay taxes, develop people’s skills and provide technological innovations. They can help developing countries’ economies to grow and provide a route out of poverty.But problems occur if businesses aren’t properly regulated or monitored to ensure they don’t abuse their power.

Our vision is a private sector that puts people at the centre. A way of doing business which is based on compassion and social justice, as well as the desire to make a profit, could transform the lives of people in poor countries.
That’s why we’re campaigning to:

  • make businesses more transparent about their global operations
  • make businesses provide better social and environmental protection for people in poverty
  • give those harmed by business access to justice
  • ensure small businesses receive the support they need.

Thanks to your support, we’ve already seen some big successes. But when a new law is passed, we need to make sure it’s followed. And when a promise is made, we need to push for it to be kept. This campaign will continue. It’s everybody’s business.

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Campaign resources on business

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