World must unite to respond to disasters

A refugee on a bus in Greece

Humanitarian crises are increasing and more and more people are forced to flee from their homes.

Every day’s news brings reports of more disasters. More people are being forcibly displaced now than at any time since the aftermath of Second World War.

Yet most global crises are avoidable – if our politicians work together to address the root causes of the crises which affect millions of our sisters and brothers around the world.

In May, the first ever World Humanitarian Summit was a unique opportunity for charities, UN agencies and governments to improve how we respond to disasters.

CAFOD attended the World Humanitarian Summit to call for international organisations and donors to put money and effort into training local partners, helping them to reorganise and develop their capacity to manage on their own.

Hundreds of CAFOD supporters called on David Cameron to attend the World Humanitarian Summit, and even though David Cameron has not attended, International Development Secretary Justine Greening attended in his place.

Your actions were vital in showing the UK government that we demand a strong response to humanitarian crises.

Read more analysis on the outcomes of the Summit in this blog by Anne Street.

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