Bring the world into your RE classroom

Book onto our course Bring the world into your RE classroom".

Book onto our course "Bring the world into your RE classroom".

Suitable for KS3 RE teachers

Connect your KS3 Religious Education curriculum to our common home and the Sustainable Development Goals through the perspectives and experiences of our global neighbours.  

This course equips you with global learning strategies, tools and resources, inspired by our work overseas, to help you enrich your KS3 RE curriculum. It also provides a helpful bridge to your GCSE content, for example by engaging with sources of wisdom and authority. 

Course requirements 

  • This course is open to secondary school RE teachers and school chaplains in England; however it does refer specifically to the content of the Catholic Religious Education Curriculum Directory. 
  • One-day course with short webinar six weeks later to share what you have implemented with other participants. 
  • Complete short questionnaires, before the course and after the webinar (British Council requirement). 

Contact us to book a free course for your state funded school or cluster. If you are in an independent school and wish to get involved, please get in touch. 

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