Baskets of Hope: Providing food and hope in Kenya

2 July 2020

Sister Modeasther Karuri, Caritas Nairobi programme manager distributes supplies.

Sister Modeasther Karuri, the Caritas Nairobi programme manager, giving out food baskets as part of the local response to coronavirus in Kenya.

When coronavirus first began to spread and lockdowns were put in place, your donations meant Sister Modeasther Karuri and her Caritas Nairobi colleagues could react quickly.

They started delivering food and essentials to vulnerable families in Kibera, the largest city slum in Africa.

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Many of the families living in the slums relied on support from their local Church to survive, and they have not been able to access this support since the spread of coronavirus began.

What is the Baskets of Hope programme?

"To respond to the current pandemic, Caritas Nairobi has come up with different initiatives. One of them is called Baskets of Hope.

"We have so many needy families within the parishes, but we are supporting 75 families through this first programme.  

"We have a food basket that consists of a number of items. Wheat flour, maize flour, cooking oil, salt, sugar, uji mix [a kind of porridge] and ndengu [a kind of mung bean]. We know this may not be sufficient to feed the families, especially those who have huge families – maybe living with more than four or five people in the household.

"But we are doing what we can at the moment to support these families."

What else is in the baskets?

"To protect the families receiving the Baskets of Hope we have included sanitiser, soap and face masks."

How have you reached out to vulnerable families?

"We are working very closely with the Justice and Peace Commission to identify the families - the most needy families. We will be doing this every month.

"We decided to give out the food parcels at St Michael’s parish and we reached ten families on the first day. There are other people who will receive food later."

Safe social distancing and hygiene practices were in place to prevent the spread of the disease at distributions.

How else are you fighting coronavirus?

"We are going on air through different radio channels.

"We will also help support other food basket projects and we plan to work with other international partners to make sure that we will be able to handle the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic as well."

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What gives you hope at this time?

"We are praying and hoping that we will be able to overcome whatever has hit us. We remain united, even after this pandemic.

"I take this opportunity to thank CAFOD for their generosity and for considering the people within the diocese of Nairobi."

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