Match funding – what happens after the appeal?

11 September 2019

Samuel and Monica stand proudly outside their new toilets

1,468 toilets were built by community members and our local experts, like this one Monica and Samuel stand proudly outside of in Uganda.

Match funding is a wonderful scheme where donations to selected CAFOD Fast Day appeals are worth double the amount. For these special appeals, every pound you give is matched by the UK government. But what happens after the funds are collected?

Lent 2016 Appeal – three years on

In 2016 you raised an incredible £4.3 million for our work, with an additional £3.5 million given from the UK government. This funded a three-year water and hygiene project across Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Catch up with Proscovia from Uganda

DFID match funding CAFOD Lent family Fast Day appeal

Your donations were doubled by the UK government, helping us to reach more people. Thank you!

Since June 2016, our local water and sanitation experts have been working hard to bring taps and toilets to remote communities. This project has now finished and has reached more than 350,000 people. Some highlights include:

  • 84,929 people were taught good hygiene like handwashing.
  • 1,468 toilets were built by community members and local experts.
  • 1,120 people have been trained to maintain and repair their water source and toilet.
  • 99 water points were built to provide water so people can grow vegetables and crops, catch fish or make bricks to sell.

Now that safe water is available in communities, outbreaks and incidences of water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea have declined.

In Zimbabwe, flushable toilets were installed at Kwayedza Secondary School – the first of their kind in Binga District. There have been significant improvements like these in many schools and clinics – improving water supply and access to toilets.

Thank you from Elizabeth in Uganda

A total of 236,944 people like 20-year-old Elizabeth now have at least 20 litres of safe water a day for drinking and washing.

“The project has solved our water problems,” said Elizabeth after a new tap was installed in her village in northern Uganda.

“We easily fetch water at whatever time, with great ease. It’s just a turn of the tap!”

The tap, training sessions and a water trough for animals have made a huge difference to Elizabeth and her neighbours, who used to collect water from a swamp three miles away.

“Everything has gone right,” said Elizabeth. “Like God has come to visit us after a long period of suffering.”

Elizabeth collects water from a new tap in her village.

Elizabeth collects water from a new tap in her village.

Four successful bids

We’ve been thrilled to be awarded match funding four times so far. This has funded new projects reaching hundreds of thousands of people across Africa and Asia. Our first match funded project was in 2012.

Top match funding achievements since 2012

When we receive match funding for Fast Day appeals, it means your donations go further. Receiving match funding on four separate occasions has raised millions of pounds for our work overseas – supporting the poorest communities with water, sanitation, food, and ways to adapt to the changing climate

New nutrition projects

Thanks to your generous donations to our Fast Day Appeal during Lent 2018, the UK government matched £4.3 million for new nutrition projects in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia.

This life-saving work began in October 2018 and our in-country teams are working hard to ensure the most vulnerable people get a good meal. This includes planting vegetable gardens and fruit trees, training nurses and health workers to spot malnutrition, and adapting farming methods to cope with the changing climate.

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