Five simple Easter fundraising ideas

15 February 2021

Organise an online Hot Cross Bunraiser!

Organise an online Hot Cross Bunraiser!

Share the joy this Easter! From hot cross buns to egg hunts, from chocolate to arts and crafts, let’s celebrate Jesus’ risen life. Try these 5 fun activities and help bring a new life, a life free of poverty, to more families around the world.

1. Hot Cross Bunraiser

Enjoy this amazing Easter tradition with family at home or with friends and the wider parish with your very own online event. Our recipes and guide will give you everything you need to set up the event and have an incredible time as well as making a difference to our sisters and brothers who live in poverty around the world.

Find recipes and a how-to guide

2. Easter egg hunts

Always popular with the family! You could hide lots of mini eggs and let the children loose (just charge an entry rate).

Or, you could write clues, sell a copy of the clues to participants, and reward them with an Easter egg at the end. The clues tend to work best for older children.

Collect donations and give online to make a difference to families around the world. 

Remember to tag CAFOD in any photos of your Easter egg hunts on social media!

3. Easter pancake party

Whip up some pancakes for your family or bubble. 

CAFOD director flipping a pancake

CAFOD's director, Christine, got involved at the CAFOD pancake party!

Make a party of it with music, loads of toppings, and you could even hold a pancake flipping competition! 

Charge a donation to CAFOD for those who want to get involved or make a donation for those who are too little!

4. Easter plants

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Spring bulbs cheer everyone up after the winter.

You could grow plants yourself or buy bulbs and plants from your local flower market or garden centre. Share images online and invite donations to CAFOD.

Also, our Vegetable Garden World Gift could be the perfect gift for a green-fingered friend this Easter. It provides seeds for a vegetable plot that can feed a hungry family for a whole year.

5. Easter bonnets and egg decorating

Feeling creative? Paint eggs and decorate bonnets as a family or in your bubble. You could use hard boiled eggs, ribbons, flowers, paints and any craft materials you have in the cupboard.  

You can then use the eggs as part of your Easter egg hunt. Why not share pictures of your creations online and invite donations to CAFOD.

Thank you for your support this Eastertide! God bless you and your families. 

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