5 top tips to have fun and raise money this Family Fast Day

16 August 2018

Jon is ready to get fundraising with his rainbow bright umbrella

Raise money for CAFOD with our fun and bright fundraising tips

Harvest Fast Day is Friday, 5 October 2018. This is a great time to get everyone together to have fun and raise valuable funds to change lives around the world.  

Our top tips for harvest activities

1. Fast Day lunch

Fast Days are at the heart of CAFOD, and supporters have been holding simple suppers and frugal lunches since we began. A lovely way of bringing your community together and showing your love and solidarity for people who don't have enough to eat.

Quick tip: Use our Fast Day resources and donate the money you save to help families living in poverty.

2. Give a talk - spread the word

Use your enthusiasm for fighting poverty to inspire your parish or community. We have everything you need to give a talk at Mass and tell your parish about the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day Appeal. It's an exciting and empowering way to make a huge difference. Have a chat with your parish priest about speaking at Mass on the weekend before or after Fast Day.

Quick tip: Download our short talk

3. Go for a walk or join a pilgrimage

Hold a sponsored walk for CAFOD and invite your friends and family. Ask everyone to bring something for a shared lunch, and celebrate the abundance of God’s creation.

Quick tip: Use our Family Fast Day prayer card to reflect on your walk.

4. Bake a cake or three

Teas and coffees after Mass are a great way to get the parish together. If you're inspired by the Bake Off, why not create a show-stopper?

Quick tip: Download our How to hold a CAFOD cake sale guide.

5. Brighten up!

As the nights get longer, it's the perfect time to use our children's Brighten Up fundraisers. If you're a teacher, or need to keep the kids entertained - we have lots for you.

Quick tip: Download our A-Z of bright ideas for kids (or the young at heart)

A final fab tip - raise an extra 25% for free

A simple form can make your fundraising efforts worth a quarter more! Encourage everyone who is able to Gift Aid their donations to do so. Gift Aid adds an extra 25% to your donation, at no extra cost to you.

Quick tip: Download a Gift Aid form to print and share in your parish or at your event. Watch this short video to find out how gift aid works.

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