Advent reflection for 29 November

Woman sitting at entrance of small house.

Nomita outside her home.

“Peace be to your homes!”

Psalm 121:6

We all know the importance of a home. Somewhere we can feel secure and enjoy time with family and friends. 

On the south-east coast of Bangladesh, Nomita has built her own home. It’s very small, just one room, where her family eat and sleep on blankets on the floor, but it’s a place of peace and joy. Nomita’s daughter, Sonia says that despite the fact they have little money, their home is full of “happiness among us and good cooperation”.  

Sadly, this peace is precarious. One bad storm could destroy Nomita’s home and all she has worked so hard to protect. Despite being raised off the ground to cope with rising water levels, her fragile shelter floods, even in normal showers. Its wooden sides and corrugated iron roof are vulnerable to the cyclones, storms and floods so common in this region of Bangladesh. 

Last time a cyclone ripped off the roof, the family were able to find it and reattach it. They may not be so lucky next time. 

Nomita is one of millions who are living on the front line of the climate crisis. This Advent, let’s pray for all those without a secure place to call home. 

Advent prayer

Christ Jesus,
you often had nowhere to rest your head,
be a shelter for all those who long for a safe place to live
and help us build a world where all people have a secure home.


Watch our Advent Appeal video and find out more about the story of Nomita and her family living on the front line of the climate crisis.

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