Advent reflection for 29 November

Illustration showing a woman washing her hands with soap and water

A Keep clean kit World Gift can help families be on their guard and stay safe this Advent.

“Be on your guard, stay awake, because you never know when the time will come.”

Mark 13:33

As Advent starts today and we begin our countdown to Christmas, we are reminded that this season is not just a time for preparing to celebrate Christ’s birth.

We are reminded that we are also waiting in hope and expectation for Christ who is to come.

Even though we do not know when that time will be, we are told we must be on our guard, stay awake, so that we are not caught unprepared.

This year it has felt like we have been on our guard at all times, remaining vigilant, to keep ourselves and others safe from coronavirus. It has been exhausting and worrying for us all.

So, this Advent, as we try to be awake to the signs of Christ’s presence in our world, let us take time to remind ourselves of the goodness that we can see around us, of the difference we can make to others when we reach out in love.

And let us hold onto the hope that this brings.

Advent prayer

Eternal God,  
you will come when we do not expect you.   
Help us to welcome you now in one another,   
to reach out to our sisters and brothers  
who are in need of care and support.  
In this way may we be found ready,  
when you come again in glory.   


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