Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 16 April

Nomita and her daughter Sonia sit in the doorway of their home in Bangladesh

Nomita and her daughter Sonia in Bangladesh

“The Lord called me before I was born, from my mother’s womb he pronounced my name.” 

Isaiah 49:1-6

God knows each of us by name. No one is beyond the reach of God’s love.  

God has a plan for us and, like a loving parent, wants us to succeed. God longs for us to reach our full potential.  

Nomita is a loving mother to her children, Sonia and Bissajit. She has raised them on her own in Bangladesh since their father died.  

She does everything that she can to provide for her family and help them to fulfil their potential.  

Sonia, aged 18, is now at college. She also does some teaching to help pay her college fees. She hopes to become a full-time teacher. She is not sure whether this will be possible though, since the costs are so high. 

The chance to flourish

Nomita’s support, hard work and sacrifice mean that her daughter has been able to continue her studies. Although Sonia still faces uncertainty about the future, Nomita has given her the best chance she can to have choices in life.  

Sonia says, “I want to thank my mum for helping my brother and me to grow, physically and psychologically. I thank her for everything she has done for us. We haven’t got a lot of money but we’re very satisfied.  

“I’ve learnt a lot from my mother. If I have children, I’d like to teach them the same things – to have goodness in everything that they do, to study well and aim for good results.”

Holy Week prayer

God our Father, before you formed me in the womb you knew me by name. Work through me so that I can be the person you know and want me to be. Through your grace may all people flourish and reach their potential. Amen. 


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