Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 17 March - Second Sunday of Lent

Eshita in her greenhouse with plants and her compost

Eshita in her greenhouse where she stores her compost

“As he prayed, the aspect of his face was changed and his clothing became brilliant as lightning.” 

Luke 9:28-36

Jesus takes Peter, John and James up the mountain to pray. There he is transformed. His clothes shine brightly and Moses and Elijah appear in their glory. 

Transformed by hope 

Eshita lives in a part of Bangladesh that can be waterlogged for seven months a year, making it hard to grow crops. 

So she has learned new farming techniques, like using worms to make high quality compost, and how to breed chickens and ducks. This brings in enough for her to save towards her family’s future.  

The support Eshita received has completely changed her life. She explains: “Before, even though I had a paid job, it wasn’t enough money. We lived in bad conditions. My husband and I often quarrelled. I felt hopeless. 

“Now I’m doing well, other people come to visit me to see what I’m doing. It makes me feel so proud to be showing people the progress that I’ve made.  

“Both my husband and I now sit together and plan and discuss and sort our problems together.” 

Eshita is sharing her new skills. She vaccinates other people’s chickens and ducks, and gives advice on animal rearing and farming techniques. She even helps resolve disagreements in the village.  

Eshita’s prospects have been transformed by hope. This is how a person’s future can be changed by someone stretching out a helping hand.  

This Lent let us seek to change our own lives and reach out to our sisters and brothers to change their lives too. 

Lent prayer

God of light, inspire me to listen to your Son Jesus and to follow his example of love and compassion. Work through me as I try to bring about change in my own life and throughout the world. Amen.


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