Lent reflection for 21 March

Hago's hand hold a red chilli pepper up in a green field.

Hagos holds one of the chillies he's grown on his land.

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.” 

John 12:24

This image of a rich harvest, and of the seed that dies to bring new life, is one that would have been so clear to the people of Jesus’ time. They all knew just how important the harvest was.  

Hagos, a farmer, lives in Ethiopia with his wife and two young daughters. In 2010, there was a terrible drought, and the harvest failed. He said, “We didn’t have any food to last the night. We used very little and we had to think of staying alive day-to-day, not even week-to-week. We ate very little for a day. Maybe a pinch of wheat.” 

But since then, our local experts have supported Hagos, with water to irrigate his crops and training on how to grow vegetables like tomatoes and chillies.  

Now, he says, “I can feed my family from the land – I can feed my children. The crop helps me when things get difficult. It provides for us, even when we don’t have money, we still have food.” 

Stand up for what is right 

Jesus encourages his followers to think about how they will serve him. He reminds us in today’s gospel not to get too comfortable in our life as it is, but to challenge ourselves. To stand up for what is right and not to count the cost.  

How can we put that into practice today? And by doing so, support more people like Hagos around the world to be able to reap their harvest and feed their family? 

Lent prayer   

God of abundance, you challenge us to follow you and to yield your harvest. May we stand up for what is right and make a change so that all people may flourish. Amen.  


Donate to our Lent appeal and help more people, like Hagos, have the water they need to flourish.

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