Lent reflection for 23 March

A picture of the congregation at a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in St Peter's Basilica. A religious sister is in focus.

A religious sister listens to Pope Francis speak at Mass in St Peter's Basilica.

“O Lord, listen to my prayer and let my cry for help reach you.” 

Psalm 101:2

Many of us know what it is like to feel fear or to be unsure of whether we will get the help that we need. We can cry out to the Lord in our times of distress, just like the writer of today’s psalm.  

In this last year, perhaps we have needed to rely on the comfort of our faith and of God’s abiding presence more than ever.  

Prayer does not only bring us comfort. It can also strengthen us to face whatever is coming next. And it can transform our hearts, so that we look at the world anew and are moved to take action.  

At this point in Lent, it can sometimes feel like it will never end. That we are stuck in the wilderness for ever. The resolve of the early part of Lent has worn off, and we have not quite reached the climax of Holy Week.  

But today let us renew our commitment to our Lenten journey, as we bring ourselves to God in prayer.  

We pray for our own problems, the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives, but we also hold all our brothers and sisters around the world in our hearts. Especially those who are poorest and most vulnerable among us.  

May the Lord hear our cry for help and not turn his face from us.  

Lent prayer

Lord, may my cry for help reach you today. I hold before you all those who are in distress, who need comfort and strength. Fill us with your compassion and lead us to build a world that reflects your kingdom of love for all. Amen.  


Pray today that no one may be beyond reach of the love and support that they need.

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