Lent reflection for 30 March

An Ethiopian home. Hagos, smiling, holds Heyab, his one year old daughter. Azmera prepares food.

Hagos and Azmera with Heyab, their one year old daughter.

“The Lord called me before I was born, from my mother’s womb he pronounced my name.” 

Isaiah 49:1

God knows each and every one of us by name. Even before we are born we are loved and cherished.  

As Saint Oscar Romero said, “I know that I am a thought in God, no matter how insignificant I may be – the most abandoned of beings, one no one thinks of…. Think to yourselves, you that are outcasts, you that feel you are nothing in history: ‘I know that I am a thought in God.’” 

God has a plan for us and like a loving parent wants us to survive and flourish.  

A parent’s hopes for his children 

Hagos, a farmer in Ethiopia, has great hopes for his two young daughters, one-year-old Heyab and two-year-old Milkana. 

“I need water and land to provide for the next generation. I am here for my children… I hope that they don’t live as I have lived. I hope that they learn and are educated. I hope that they have a better life than I have had.” 

Hagos is working hard to make his hopes and dreams for his children a reality. Let us do all we can to support parents like him living in poverty around the world.  

Holy Week prayer

God our Father, you knew each of us by name before you formed us in the womb. Help me to be the person you know and want me to be, and to reach out to help others achieve their dreams. Amen.  


If there are children in your life, join our children’s liturgy live this Sunday and help them know that they are all loved by God.  

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