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Evaluation: Building community resilience to climactic shocks, in improving food security, caring practices for vulnerable groups, and sanitation and hygiene practices to enhance the nutritional status of rural communities in Zambia and Zimbabwe

25 October 2022

This UK Government and UK Aid Match programme sought to address key underlying causes of malnutrition, targeting entire communities with increased food security, better and safer access to improved Water, Sanitation and  Hygiene (WASH) facilities and practices, and improved caring practices.

Three outcome indicators were formulated within this programme:

  1. Percentage of households who have met the minimum dietary frequency and diversity (thresholds were set at the country level)

  2. Percentage of households at higher risk of malnutrition demonstrating improved caring practices

  3. Percentage of households practicing improved hygiene and sanitation behaviours.

Throughout this final evaluation, emphasis was given to trying to capture the overall impact of the programme’s interventions, examining how the approach addressed people's needs as well as the appropriateness and effectiveness of specific activities undertaken and accomplished.