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In this position paper, CAFOD outlines four priority areas on which governments need to deliver at COP27, and the role that the UK government can play both unilaterally and in the remaining weeks of its COP presidency.

Why governments need to act at COP27

The world faces multiple crises with billions struggling with the cost of living. A food crisis has swept the world, leaving 828 millionpeople facing hunger. The energy crisis has come on the back of skyrocketing prices as countries scramble to secure essential goods and people struggle to pay their bills and afford gas to heat their homes.

Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity. Many countries and communities are struggling to adapt, experiencing significant losses and damages: both economic and non-economic. The annual US$100 billion in international climate finance promised by developed countries has not materialised. This deficit occursduring a global food and energy crisis.

Four priority areas for delivery at COP27

  1. Make progress on loss and damage – support the creation of an intergovernmental loss and damage finance facility and make a financial commitment as the UK government to endow it and build credibility.

  2. Fulfil commitments on climate finance – countries must fulfil their pledge to provide $100 billion a year of climate finance and increase support for adaptation.

  3. Tackle the global food crisis – agree a clear mandate within the UNFCCC to reform food systems as part of climate action, including financial and policy support to transform food systems to work for sustainable development in the Global South.

  4. Accelerate the renewable energy transition – make good on commitments to stop all funding of fossil fuels overseas by 2022 and step up commitments to support renewable energy-powered development in the Global South.

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