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  • 5 September 2024: Season of Creation national assembly

  • 4 October 2024: Harvest Family Fast Day

  • 28 November 2024: Advent national assembly

  • 29 November 2024: Deadline for Get Creative for Climate Justice art submissions

  • 2025: Year of Jubilee - Pilgrims of Hope

  • 14 February 2025: Lent Family Fast Day

  • 15 March 2025: Flame

The year of Jubilee 2025
Please note these key dates for your diaries:

Friday 24 Jan 2025 - Jubilee Launch Day for Schools

June or July 2025 - Jubilee Pledge Day: Schools are invited to reflect on their mission and choose a date to commit to stand in solidarity with the poorest communities, sharing hope and challenging injustice by pledging to take concrete actions to make their community, country and world a better place.

Friday 21 November 2025 - Jubilee Finale: Celebrating the end of the Jubilee year and looking ahead with hope.

Order a wallplanner

Letter for parents

Use our template letter to tell families about your event.

Tweet about your Big Lent Walk

We're joining the #BigLentWalk with @CAFOD this Lent to help support families in extreme poverty around the world [add link to your JustGiving page]

Share an image to tell other you are taking part

Download this square image and this portrait image to share on your social channels to tell others you are taking part in the Big Lent Walk.

Insert for school newsletter

Customise, copy and paste the message below in your newsletters and website pages:

We are taking part in the Big Lent Walk for CAFOD! 

Our school community will join thousands of others to help fight global poverty. 

We will be [add in details of your event and your JustGiving page link]

CAFOD is an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

You can join the Big Lent Walk too! Visit

Thank you.

Insert for parish newsletter

Customise this message to share in your parish newsletter:

This Lent, children at [add your school name] are taking part in the Big Lent Walk to help CAFOD fight poverty. If you would like to donate to their fundraising page please visit [add your JustGiving page link]

You can join the Big Lent Walk too! Visit

Template press release

Edit this sample template press release and send it to your local newspaper to celebrate your walk!

CAFOD logo

Use our logo in your tweets, newsletters and website to tell others that your school is working with CAFOD to support our global family.

CAFOD Logo for school newsletters

Logo dwyieithog i'w ddefnyddio yn ysgolion Gatholig

Guide to using the CAFOD logo for school newsletters

We're inviting schools to join The Big Lent Walk to help fight global poverty one step at a time. 

Teaching about fasting in RE? Try our new lesson plan

Bring and buy sale

Sell donated goods or World Gifts on a stall. Visit our World Gifts online shop to order your FREE World Gifts catalogue, or find your own treats to sell; cakes, home-made biscuits, Fairtrade goodies or anything you like!



Is it your birthday or anniversary this spring? Why not set up a CAFOD Celebration Fund to mark your occasion? It’s a great way to reduce waste and material gifts and share your joy and gratitude with communities around the world.

Climate Crisis challenges 

How can you try to live greener this year? Maybe you could reduce your consumption by buying less of the things you don't need, buy local where you can or limit your food waste. Help save our beautiful planet and if focusing on simpler, cleaner and greener living saves you money, you could donate what you've saved to CAFOD to help those suffering with the damages of climate change so far.

Visit our ‘Go Green’ challenges for a great place to start!


Declutter for CAFOD

The daffodils are out, the days are getting longer, this can only mean one thing...Spring is upon us! Why not turn your spring clean this year into an opportunity to help others too? Simplify your life and give back by decluttering and selling anything in reasonable condition on eBay or a similar platform, with some or all of the proceeds going to CAFOD!

Dust off your dancing shoes!

Time to put your best foot forward and do a danceathon at home. Pick a time, get your playlist ready and keep dancing! Get sponsored, post pictures and videos online or (if you’re really clever!) stream the whole thing live.

The Big Lent Walk

CAFOD's Lent walking challenge is back, and this year it's the Big Lent Walk! We are very excited and would love for you to join us as we walk to help fight global poverty.

Could you or a friend organise a Community Big Lent Walk in your parish or with a parish group? Get people together to walk in solidarity with people working to overcome poverty. In early February you will be able to order a Community Big Lent Walk organisers pack.