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Africa - Mozambique - improving agriculture for livelihoods in Tete

CAFOD supports small farming communities in Tete, Mozambique.

Half the population of Mozambique live on less than a dollar per day. CAFOD works through local experts to support poor farming families, to help young people access the labour market in peri-urban areas, and to protect vulnerable children.

Why CAFOD works in Mozambique

Mozambique is very dependent on foreign aid and two thirds of its population live below the poverty line. Most families depend on farming to earn a living, but a series of droughts and floods have been devastating for farmers, especially those with only a small amount of land for crops. Land grabs by large companies affect the poorest rural communities as well.

In recent years an increasing number of young people have been moving to the main cities from the rural areas. Many of them do not have the skills employers are looking for in order to find work.

Children in Mozambique are particularly vulnerable to illegal trafficking.

Our work in Mozambique

Your donations are helping us to:

  • Support farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their crops, and ensure they can get their food to markets.

  • Teach women about their land rights so that they can keep their farms.

  • Make sure that families aren't going hungry, so that they have a better chance of surviving coronavirus.

  • Raise awareness and pressure local government about child trafficking, to ensure that criminal groups can't take advantage of the coronavirus crisis to reach vulnerable children.

  • Support young people in peri-urban areas to improve their technical and soft skills, so they can access the labour market and build their own future.

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What we do

CAFOD is the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

With your help, we reach out to people living in hard-to-reach places, in war zones and those who are discriminated against.