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Jesus saw how much faith they had.

Luke 5:20

In today’s scripture a group of men helped their friend to see Jesus. Jesus saw the strength of their faith, and their friendship and healed the man. How can we support our friends and help others?

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World Gifts

We can help our global neighbours in many ways. Today’s World Gift helps farmers to feed their chickens!

Maria is a chicken farmer from a remote part of El Salvador. With the help of CAFOD’s local partner, Maria received 100 baby chicks, chicken-rearing equipment, and training from local experts to help establish her own thriving, chirpy chicken business.

Since 2019, Maria has been expanding her business and is now making a healthy profit. She’s used the extra money to rebuild her outside sinks and is planning to build a new toilet too.

Maria kept on selling chickens throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – supporting her family as well as her local community.

‘I feel so happy, like it is a roulette and right now I am at the top!’ she says.

World Gifts

World Gifts are CAFOD's charity gift range of unusual, ethical presents that will delight your friends and family.

Kidz Zone

Loads of fun games, films, prayers and activities for children.