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She will have a son, and you will name him Jesus

Matthew 1:21

Today we hear of Joseph receiving good news – Mary, his wife, was expecting a very important baby! It is just over a week left until Christmas Day. How can we make sure we are prepared to receive the good news of Jesus today, and in the next week?


Celebrate the good news we are expecting and preparing for in this season of Advent with an acrostic poem. Start each line with the letters ADVENT and write how you are feeling, or what you are doing to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

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World Gifts

Mahdi's family arrived in Jordan after fleeing their home in Syria in 2013 due to the conflict. When Mahdi started school, he was traumatised from his experiences and he struggled to fit in. He had also been diagnosed with autism but there was no support system in place at his school.

Mahdi's mum turned to a nearby CAFOD-funded project and explained Mahdi's situation. Soon after, Mahdi enrolled in the school, received the support he needed and started making friends.

Mahdi and his siblings also took part in counselling sessions to help them deal with the trauma of war.

His mum said: "It has been a year now since my son has been in the Caritas school and I can see a huge change in his behaviour and attitude. I can't express my happiness to see my son like this."

World Gifts

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