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His name is John.

Luke 1:63

In today’s scripture we hear how Zechariah gave his son the name the angel had told him to, even though he had lost the ability to talk. He trusted that God would keep his promise and give him his voice back – and he did!

How can we show our trust in God’s promises today?


As Christmas draws close, find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Christmas around the world

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World Gifts

Access to quality healthcare is limited in El Salvador – even more so in hard-to-reach, rural areas. For many, paying the expensive travel and healthcare costs simply isn’t an option.

Sadly, this means there’s a risk of maternal and infant mortality, and malnutrition remains a constant threat for mothers and their babies.

Thankfully, Blanca was able to reach a health clinic supported by CAFOD. She told us: “Whenever I’ve come here, they have always taken care of me.”

At the health clinic, Blanca and other mothers in the area learn about breastfeeding, how to take care of young babies and the importance of nutritious food for the family. Mothers not only learn how to care for their babies and young children’s physical needs, but also how to meet their developmental needs, to enable their children to flourish and achieve their full potential as they grow older.

Blanca knows that she is supported. She knows that the women in her community have health experts to turn to with any problems and to encourage them in providing the best possible care for their children.

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