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I tell you solemnly, nowhere in Israel have I found faith like this.

Matthew 8:10

In today’s reading we hear of a Roman officer who has so much faith in Jesus, he believes Jesus can heal his servant without even being in the house. That’s a lot of faith!

The officer is also asking Jesus not for himself, but for his servant. Today why not think about who are the people who need our help in our own families, but also in our community and around the world?


Advent is a time of preparation, having faith that Jesus will come at Christmas. In today’s activity, you can write a promise or an intention for Advent on one of the templates, as you prepare for Christmas.

Advent promise templates

10 December Water for a family for web.png

World Gifts

Looking ahead to Christmas, World Gifts are a great way to support our global neighbours. Today’s gift is Water for a Family.

Fabiano and his family live in Uganda. Before they had a water supply, Fabiano had to walk for hours to gather water for his family. He had to walk five kilometres before sunrise. Thanks to gifts like this, he and his family now have clean, safe water to drink, cook and wash with.

World Gifts

Buy a World Gift for Christmas and help to change the lives of those living in poverty. 

Kidz Zone

Fun games, films, prayers and activities for children.