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Powerful God,

You hold us and everything you have made in your loving care.

You are in the whole universe and in every tiny creature.

Pour out on us, God, the power of your love.

And teach us to care for life and for beauty.

Fill us with peace, so that we do not harm others,

but love them all like sisters and brothers.

God, we know that people who are poor are very special to you

and you want us to love them too, so they are not forgotten.

We ask you to change us so that we protect your world, not destroy it.

Change the hearts of people who only care about themselves and money,

instead of caring about people and the Earth.

Show us how even small things matter,

help us see that we are all connected to each other and to the earth.

We thank you God for being with us each day,

fill us up with wonder and light,

and help us to bring peace to our beautiful world.


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