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Hands On Madhupur

Hands On Madhupur

Thank you for your ongoing support. It’s time to get Hands On in Madhupur!

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Would you like the chance to support the men and women of one particular community? To stand with them as they undertake a project that will help transform their lives? 

How Hands On works

Our Hands On programme supports communities as they undertake a two or three-year project, and lets you follow their progress. Your donations directly fund the work, and you'll receive regular updates on how things are progressing. Because they will directly fund the work, your regular gifts are essential to make these projects a success.

Hands on heart: our promise to you

1. Your Hands On donations will directly fund your chosen project

Every penny you donate will go into our Hands On Fund. Your chosen project will receive all the money it needs from the fund.

2. Your Hands On donations are flexible

If you are unable to continue supporting Hands On, you can change, pause, stop or restart your donations, just call us on 0303 303 3030.

3. When your project ends, you can get hands on somewhere else

After your chosen project is complete, we’ll introduce you to another project. And once again you’ll follow the work from start to completion.

4. You’ll always see the difference you are making

Over time the Hands On Fund will support many projects. But you’ll always be able to see how you are helping communities to build a secure and prosperous future.

Previous Hands On successes

We have also seen incredible success in Magdalena Medio, Altiplano, Doutchi, and Kitui. Which is all thanks to generous supporters who got hands on, supporting these communities through monthly donations, messages of encouragement and friendship.

Hands On Altiplano in Bolivia

Nicanora and her community faced unimaginable challenges on her small farm in the Bolivian highlands. But Hands On supporters joined her on a two-year journey to transform her life and help her provide for her children.

Hands On Doutchi in Niger

Frequent drought and devastating floods in Doutchi have repeatedly destroyed harvests, meaning that it can be a struggle for families to have even one meal a day. However, thanks to generous Hands On donors, the people of Doutchi have learnt how to survive on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Hands On Kitui in Kenya

The people of Kitui are working hard to transform their land and create a sustainable water supply. Work is well underway - dams are being built, trees are being planted, and thanks to your help, the people are looking forward to a brighter future.

Hands On Magdalena Medio in Colombia

Thanks to generous Hands On supporters, people living in the Magdalena Medio region tired of being caught between government forces, guerrillas and paramilitaries have taken action.