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Don't wait to help this Advent

Don't wait to help this Advent

During Advent, as we wait for Christmas and the joy of Jesus’ birth, it’s important to remember that some things can’t wait. For families around the world, time is running out to get the vital supplies they need to survive the winter.

Help families before the worst of winter sets in

Omar is a father who lives in a remote, mountainous part of Afghanistan. It can get as cold as -25C in the mountains, and heavy snowfall often leaves communities isolated, so Omar and his community usually try to stockpile enough food, fuel and warm blankets to see them through.

But recently severe drought and a major economic crisis have forced many families to eat whatever food they can get just to survive - leaving little or nothing to sell or put aside for the winter.

With the temperatures plummeting and blizzards threatening to leave remote communities cut off completely, people like Omar can’t wait any longer for the supplies they need to survive the cold. Please give today – your donation this Advent is so vital to families facing the harshest conditions. You could help a father like Omar keep his family warm until the snow melts.

“Life has been tough with the droughts this year,” Omar says. “Our garden is gone and all the fruit trees. We used to grow almonds but now those trees are as dry as the rest of the land.

The droughts have caused so much havoc in this area, acres of farmland destroyed and many families like mine are living on the edge. I fear my children will suffer malnutrition. This is the reality for many families here. Children do not deserve this.”

Thanks to a donation like yours, Omar’s family received cash to buy the supplies they urgently needed.

I bought essentials for our home like wood, gas, heaters, and blankets for my family to use. This purchase made me feel safe knowing we will be ready for the next winter.


How your gift could help: