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Support local experts like Isacko, today.

Support local experts like Isacko, today.

To help to build a kinder, fairer world where women, men and children around the world can thrive.

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Give monthly to build a fairer world

Isacko Jirma is one of our incredible local experts in Kenya who is building a kinder, fairer world with donations like yours.

Isacko is too modest to say, but he has played a huge part in transforming the lives of countless families where he lives.

He works alongside the community he comes from. He knows the challenges they face and their hopes and dreams. That’s why this is more than just a job for him.

He works with donations like yours to ensure people have the skills, tools and knowledge to grow enough to feed their families and to make a living.

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With your support, we can help people live fuller and more flourishing lives. Because, we believe that no one should struggle like Isacko did when he was younger.

No one should live through the climate crisis alone. No one should go without the love, kindness and support they need to support themselves and their families.