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Ivanilde and her community continue to fight on the frontline of a crisis that will affect us all. With your donations to our Climate Crisis Appeal this Harvest we can reach communities in the most at-risk areas due to the climate crisis.  

Donate to the Climate Crisis Appeal

Will you help more people like Ivanilde by reclaiming our common home?

We can all work to protect our common home and do our bit to be guardians of creation. With your donations to the Climate Crisis Appeal we can reach vulnerable communities like Ivanilde’s and work with them to help them thrive in places most at risk from the climate crisis.

Donate to the Climate Crisis Appeal

Without generosity from supporters like you, communities like Ivanilde’s will be forced to leave their homes and will no longer be able to care for the earth. We need to restore God’s precious gift of creation and stop the climate crisis from getting worse. We all share this Earth, and we can all work to protect it.

Through raging forest fires Ivanilde never gave up

Ivanilde lives in one of the most heavily deforested regions of the Brazilian Amazon. Her land has been ravaged by forest fires more than once. She’s watched plants and trees that she’s spent so long caring for burn to the ground. These are the crops her family rely on to earn a living.

But she has never given up.

With the help of local experts from our Church network, Ivanilde has replanted and rebuilt. She continues to stand tall, being the guardian of the rainforest she loves.

Donate to the Climate Crisis Appeal

"The fire destroyed practically everything we had. The smoke burnt our noses and eyes. We tried, but the fire was very high and dangerous, so we didn’t manage to put it out. It burnt for almost a week."